BRF’er Dan Woll part of writing team for “Death on Cache Lake”

Big Ring Flyers member Dan Woll recently published a novel along with late co-author John Lyon. As far as I know he’s the first team rider to publish a novel.

So through the miricale of e-mail, we had a brief chat with Woll about Death on Cache Lake:

Q. I think you are the first Big Ring Flyer to publish a novel. How does that feel?

A. All the BRF riders know how it feels to set goals, accept challenges and relish the feeling of having done the best one can at the finish of a hard race. It’s the same. But different:)

Q. Can give us the shortest summary of the book you can? (You know how racers like to get things over in as little time as possible)

A. Set in the tumultuous days of 1970 as the University of Wisconsin anti-war movement imploded after a deadly campus bombing, Death on Cache Lake, takes the reader on a dark odyssey through the lake wilds of Ontario and the woods and small towns of Wisconsin.

Q. Have you given any thought to writing about teenage vampires and werewolves? I hear that’s undiscovered territory in popular literature.

A. Although riding the BRF TT on a tandem with Cheryl Barker yelling at me to pick it up was a lot like having a vampire breathe down your neck:), I do not expect to explore this genre. (I heard being a vampire really sucks)

Woll and Barker

Q. Are the Big Ring Flyers or any of its team members mentioned in the book?

A. He’s gonna kill me, but when I checked my answer to this important question, I found my first mistake in the book! I left Bob Barabe out of the acknowledgments and in addition to being one of the few guys who can stand me, he was a valuable proofreader. I’m SORRY Bob. I mean it.

Local racers, Paul and Jen Marietta also helped proof the book as well as the fastest D.A. in Wisconsin, Jim (Velodog) Peterson.

Maybe I will write that vampire book and Bob can be in it with Cheryl as a muscular superhero/vampire team who suck the hematocrit down to five on the riders they punish on Tuesdays.

Q. Are you in discussions for movie rights? If so (or even if you aren’t), who would you cast in your lead roles?

A. I’ve worked on this for so long that I see the characters and settings, (the woods, lakes, small towns, and cabins), in my mind’s eye. If you can remove the effects of the Animal House persona, the protagonist is physically a double for the young John Belushi. It’s a dark book and he is a tragic character.

Q. Do you have another work planned?

A. A sadness in my life is that my co-author died the week we ok’d the final draft to the publisher. We had an interesting yin and yang going and we were going to do another one. I need to reorient, but writing is a passion and I intend to keep working on it.

Q. Where can I get one of these books?

A. Death on Cache Lake can be ordered at:

The printed edition is available now, and the eBook will be available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble by Christmas, and Apple by the new year.

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